It all makes scents now!

Hello everyone!

I am officially back after a long hiatus…because I’m a huge derp and killed my blog o-o; But alas, it is back and it is working now! Yay!

So the first of last month was my birthday and my friend got me a Jo Malone bath scent. I find it interesting how she must think I smell…because for the past two years, I’ve received some form of “perfume” from her. THAT’S RIGHT GIRL, I KNOW YOU THINK I SMELL!

Anyway, here is what I got!


Okay, can we all just stop what we’re doing and just appreciate the packaging? It’s so simple, yet so pleasing to look at! I love it when stores package everything nicely, but I also dread ruining it when I have to open it! Anyone else feel that way?


And voila! Here it is, still in its box!


At last, they are no longer left cramped in that box!

It is an English Pear & Freesia scented bath oil and soap! It can also be used as a perfume too! Although I am born in the year of the dog, my sense of smell is terrible. There are times where I can’t distinguish smells or I just can’t smell at all! In fact, when I first opened the box, I was overwhelmed by the scent…but I actually didn’t smell “English Pear & Freesia.” Nope! I smelled Lychee…so I was way off. LOL. But either way I love the smell! Thank you, Puja! :*

And that’s it for today!

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